Sanity System enables Pubs, Restaurants and Cafes to provide peace of mind through a Sanitised environment for their staff and customers.

SSanitising with Ozone gas is ideal for environments where food and drink are prepared. Ozone Gas nullifies 99% of all pathogens such as bacteria, moulds, fungi, and viruses often prevalent in food preparation environments.

Sanity System ozone gas generators are tested and proven to inactivate and kill COVID-19, so you can be sure that you are doing your utmost to protect all customers and staff.

Sanity system is widely used in the hospitality and catering industries. The system can be incorporated into the normal cleaning processes and enables the business to provide their customers with a high level of comfort and peace of mind. Our System is available for Rental or Purchase to meet the needs of the business.


Choose the Tested and Certified Ozone Gas Sanitisation System

Using Sanity System ozone gas generators In the kitchen reduces the risk of microbial contamination of foods and facilitates the conservation of food, as it blocks the proliferation of foreign pathogens, slowing down deterioration of food.

Sanitising with Sanity System ozone gas generators provides a deeper and more holistic sanitisation than others, because it kills more than 99% of all pathogens such as bacteria, moulds, fungi, and viruses, including COVID-19, which are prevalent in high traffic areas.



We made this short animated explainer video to give you a quick visual representation of how our ozone sanitisation systems work!


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